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Who are we?

We are a free hosting that offers a wide range of services for your websites, Discord bots, databases and other cool projects. We want people to host their projects without paying any money or much downtime. We are a team of dedicated developers and designers who are always working to make our services better.

What we offer

Coding Support

Our Discord server has lots of developers who want to share knowledge and help other people. We have multiple support channels for different kinds of languages, for example JavaScript, Python and HTML.So do you need any help with your code? The ArtiomsHosting Community is there for you!

Free Hosting

We provide free servers for everyone over the world. We want people to host their projects for free without much downtime. There's a variety of services to choose from, going all the way from Discord Bots, to databases, to Software and much more! It's easy to get started with our hosting, it'll only take you 2 minutes!

Free Domain Proxy

Do you have a website hosted on ArtiomsHosting and don't want a numeric ip + port? With ArtiomsHosting, you can use your custom domain! You only have to point an A record to the reverse proxy's IP and execute a command! It's that easy! The bot will do the rest.


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